Activate Sprint Phone – How to Activate Your Sprint Phone [All Steps]

Activate Sprint Phone:  If you have purchased a new phone and started your services with Sprint, your new phone will automatically Activate Sprint services when you power your device for the first time. Activating your new or used cellphone is a very easy process which can be done over the phone with Sprint Customer Service.

The representative will guide you the whole process through which you can easily resolve any issue regarding the Sprint services.

Sprint Activation Phone

Sprint Activation Phone
Sprint Activation Phone


To activate Sprint on your New or Used phone is very easy, you can do it just by following the steps provided below:

Step 1: Sprint Activation

First, remove the back cover of the phone you want to activate so that you can get the numbers which are printed on the battery handy, which you will need later on.

Step 2: Activation Phone

Now, call Sprint customer service. The phone number is 888-211-4727.

Step 3: Sprint Activate

Follow the instructions that will be provided to you by the representative. To activate sprint services on your new or used cellphone.

Step 4:

Speak with the representative. The representative will give you proper instructions that you have to follow to activate your Sprint phone, it will also include the some specific numbers that are already available in your phone. If you do not have a Sprint wireless plan, the representative will give you the different plan options available for your phone.

Step 5:

Once the activation is done, the representative will ask you to restart your phone and you will receive a signal for activation immediately. The representative can also ask you to boot up the device in case any troubleshooting is needed. Then by the next month the charges and activation of Sprint services will show up on your phone’s bill.

The above information was about activating a new or used sprint mobile with the help of Sprint Customer Service. Now, we will guide you to the process of Activation on your own and for that you have to follow the steps given below:

Activation of New Phone with Sprint Services

Activation of New Phone with Sprint Services
Activation of New Phone with Sprint Services

Step 1: Turn on the device

If you have purchased a new phone from Sprint and started a new plan for your cellphone, then your phone will activate by itself when you start it up for the very first time. The method of activation can be different for every phone but, the general process is same.

Turn on the device
Turn on the device

Step 2: Initial Setup process:

The phone will take you through a process that is initial setup. During this setup you’ll be asked to select your preferred language, creation and signing in of accounts like Apple ID for iPhone and Google Accounts for Android.

After that your phone will automatically activate after connecting to a wireless network or detecting cellular signal. Also, make sure that you are in range of Sprint network.

Initial Setup process
Initial Setup process

Step 3: Test Activation:

Your phone should have been activated automatically during the process. If you can see the cellular bars on the top of your cellphone, that means your Sprint services have been activated and you can start making and receiving calls. Also, the process of activation can take a few minutes so you don’t have to panic.

Activation of Replacement Phone with Sprint Services

Activation of Replacement Phone with Sprint Services
Activation of Replacement Phone with Sprint Services

If you want to activate Sprint on your used phone the process is very simple you just have to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Back up the data on your old phone

Just make sure that all the data on your old phone is safely and securely backed up before the activation your new phone. Which includes photos, contacts, text messages, voicemails etc.

  • Sync your contacts to google or iCloud so that you can easily retrieve the contacts when you sign in with that account in your new phone.
  • You can copy the text messages in a new document and then you can save that document on your computer so that they can be safe and secure and you can copy them in your new phone.
  • Just connect your old phone to a computer and easily back up all the data like photos, videos and important documents. After activation just transfer those backed up files to you7r new phone.

Step 2: Gather replaced phone packaging

You must write down your device serial or IMEI number, you may be needing that during the activation process. You can find these numbers printed on your new device’s packaging.

Step 3: Visit Sprint Website

You can activate your phone by visiting the My Sprint website. That is and then just log in with your account. If you don’t have an account on sprint just create one by entering your Sprint Phone number and verifying your identity.

Step 4: Find Device section of the My Account page.

This step will display you all the phones and lines to your account.

Step 5: Click Manage this Device

Click the above option next to the line for which you want to change phones for, also make sure that the line you are selecting is the one you want to activate for your new phone.

Step 6: Activate New Phone

After completing the above step select “Activate New Phone” and this will start the process of new phone activation for that line.

Step 7: Enter Information

You may need to enter the serial or IMEI number while activating, you can find this information on the new phone’s packaging or just remove the back cover of the phone and see for that information that is also printed on the battery.

Step 8: Click Continue and Activate.

This will activate your new phone and will deactivate the old phone on that line.

Step 9: Confirmation of Activation

Now, just confirm that your new device is activated. Activation takes few minutes, once the process of activation is done you can start using your replacement device and can setup the device.

Step 10: If anything goes wrong contact Sprint

If you can’t get your new phone activated online then you can contact sprint through its customer service or you can go to the Sprint store also.  To contact Sprint customer service center you can just call 1-888-211-4727.

Activation of new SIM Card

Activation of new SIM Card
Activation of new SIM Card

The activation of a new SIM Card can be done in few steps, just follow the lead.

Step 1: Note down the Serial number of SIM, Device Serial number and IMEI

You can find these number printed on the back of SIM card, back of phone and the packaging of the phone.

Step 2: Insert SIM card in the Phone:

The phone needs to be compatible with Sprint SIM cards, and unlocked also. Not all unlocked devices are compatible with Sprint SIM cards as they have been used by the other carriers also.

  • Sprint requires a special SIM for each device that supports a SIM card. Make sure that the replacement SIM you get is directly from Sprint so that you a correct SIM.
  • SIM cards are inserted into the slot which is provided in the phone, or under the battery if the battery is removable.

Step 3: Dial *2 for Sprint Customer Service.

You will listen an automated voice and instructions will be provided to you until you end up with a live support agent.

 Step 4: Ask him to activate your SIM card:

As long as your device is compatible and meets all the needs that are required in a phone to have a Sprint SIM activated, you will be able to activate your SIM Card.

Step 5: Restart your Phone:

As soon as your SIM is activated by the agent, shut your phone down and restart it after waiting a few minutes. Your SIM have been activated by then.

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This article was about Sprint Activation of a new phone, used phone, replaced phone and also for the activation of Sprint Sim card. We hope that you would’ve been able to Activate Sprint Phone by now. If you still face any issue you can write us in the comment section below or you can just contact the Sprint customer Support which is there for you 24*7 and their contact number is  888- 211-4727.

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